Your wardrobes new best friend: Dupatta


For a very long time now, the dupatta hold a very special place in the hearts of an Woman. Available in different styles and vibrant colours, these are sure to make your outfit pop.This versatile price of clothing can be draped in several different ways and change the look of an outfit completely.

A huge range of dupattas are available in the stores and now one can also pick and select the best dupatta online.

Below mentioned are different types of dupattas that make your wardrobe complete

  1. Phulkari

This type of dupatta holds a special place in the hearts of women when it comes to dressing traditionally.The dupatta comes from Punjab, and is usually made on a cotton base fabric and embroidered with silk threads.

Intricate designs such as geometric ones are hand embroidered on the fabric to make it look even more beautiful and ethnic.

These now can also be done on a silk, Chanderi or any other base.

  1. Ikat

Ikat is basically a kind of dyeing technique in which bundles of yarns that are wrapped together are further dyed thereby creating a unique design on the fabric.

The process of dyeing for creating an ikat designs is usually different since in this method the dyeing of the cloth happens before it has even been woven.

Peppy colours of ikat make it a regular pick for young women.

  1. Banarasi Silk

This silk cloth is so rich looking that when teamed up with any regular salwar suit it could make it look ultra glam.A favourite amongst the girls, this dupatta is a must have for that chic wardrobe.

  1. Chanderi

From being embroidered to detailing in toe and dye, printed patterns to zari borders and many other amazing styles these colourful dupattas are hard to miss.

  1. Gota patti

A usual pick for the wedding season and other occasions is this style of dupatta.With the intricate use of gold and silver ribbon or lace which is embroidered on the fabric, the fabric is transformed to a stunner.

This style comes from the state of Rajasthan.

  1. Madhubani

With the use of all natural dyes along with elements such as nib pens, twigs, match sticks, etc unique and eye catching patterns are made, making a classic madhubani dupatta.

This dupatta style is commonly practiced in the Mithila region.

  1. Kalamkari

Kalamkari means free hand drawing that is made with a pen. To make this dupatta is a very difficult job, it requires various steps of bleaching, hand painting and various others. The final outcome of all this hard work is a quirky looking dupatta.

  1. Net Dupatta

One dupatta that is found in all wardrobes is a net dupatta. Beautiful embellishments when are added to a net dupatta, it instantly glams up the look.A must have for all your special occasions.

So, the next time you want a new outfit but do not have those extra bucks to spend find yourself a dupatta shop or look for a designer dupatta online shopping your favourite one.

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