Top Types Of Tea For Natural Fitness


Tea has been known and recognized to possess health benefits, for several centuries now. From the ancient Chinese to the Dravidians in southern India, the benefits of this magical herb-based beverage have been universally accepted. Tea can be a great way to remain fit in today’s short-on-time cosmopolitan lifestyle. It detoxifies the body and provides vital components of a diet that can help you live healthier and longer.

Types of Teas

Tea can be broadly categorized into two main categories, green tea, and black tea. Black tea is the kind where the leaves of the plant are allowed to wilt, oxidize and dry out completely. It is often crushed and feels granular to touch.

Green tea which is known to have fitness and weight loss benefits comprise of fresh leaves that are un-oxidized and have simply been subjected to light drying. Most other types of tea are derivatives of these two teas.

Both these teas are believed to be very rich in antioxidants. Green tea especially is known to have several benefits for health. Catechin a strong antioxidant present in all types of green tea is said to compose up to 30% of the dry weight of the leaves.

Black tea is also rich in almost all the beneficial complexes present in green tea but has a far greater content of caffeine and nicotine which are not beneficial for the health, hbogo com activate. Hence green tea is recommended for those who want to consume the beverage solely for health purposes.

Some Healthy GreenTeas

Green teas have various health benefits. They prevent heart diseases and hypertension. For fitness freaks, they are a perfect daily supply of healthy natural agents and a great solution to slim down and lose weight. Taken with honey, they can also help lose body fat and even prove to be an aid in conditions like diabetes.


This is perhaps the most popular kind of green tea you would ever come across. This Chinese herb is often found in several tea blends in supermarkets. A beverage made from Longjing tea is very rich in Vitamin-C and amino acids.

Its high catechin content makes Longjing a great choice for heart patients. There are various types of this tea too and many are used in tea blends to make them healthier.


This kind of tea is not prepared from tea leaves. It is a brew which consists mainly of the stalks and twigs from the plant. AS it is quite unprocessed, it retains most of its natural benefits and is a very popular part of macrobiotic diets. Kukicha tea is great for stomach troubles and is a very great cure for gastric problems.


This isn’t a separate type of tea for natural fitness. It comes from the same plant that Kukicha does but is processed from its leaves. This makes it highly refined and rather concentrated in terms of taste.

It is very strong and has a naturally sweet flavor as it is quite rich in healthy carbohydrates. People love this kind of tea for its smell and its ability to relieve them from headaches and migraine troubles.


Translated from Japanese, Shincha means “new tea”. It is made from the freshest leaves of the tea plant in the spring season. Due to the leaves being picked up so early, they are high in content of the nutrients that the plant has stocked up over the winter. The Shincha tea has high Vitamin-C and amino acid content but is surprisingly low on catechin.


Matcha tea is cultivated in the shade and strictly controlled environments. Its processing distinguishes it from the most common types of tea. The Matcha is ground on traditional stone grinders and mills. Fresh leaves are ground together before they are allowed to dry, because of which the tea has a very uniform flavor and taste.

Its refining process lets the leaves stock up on amino acids and vitamins thus giving it the highest content of any of these nutrients among all kinds of tea.

Benefits of Tea

Apart from being a great way to cool off and relax, tea has several health benefits. Catechin is a known cancer-fighting agent and is present in all kinds of tea in varying amounts. Tea is known to have an internal cooling effect on the body even when it is prepared in a hot brew.

It is also a great way to get a regular dose of basic vitamins and amino acids. It has cleansing effects on our body and is thus an integral part of a detoxifying diet. It also has been proven to have healing properties and is thus recommended to people recovering from some disease that causes a lot of weakness in their bodies.

For the modern cosmopolitan office worker, tea is a great way to maintain a healthy balanced intake of nutrients. It also has slimming effects and can be used to reduce fat. Regular consumption of this beverage lowers blood cholesterol levels thus preventing disorders like arterial sclerosis which can elevate blood pressure and cause hypertensive disorders.

Tasty Tea

Tea needn’t always be a bitter brew of boiled leaves. There are several thousands of recipes to make very tasty teas, both hot and cold. For sweeteners, you could use sugar though most fitness experts recommend jaggery or honey.

Diabetics could use artificial sweeteners with tea. Tea brews should not be cooked for long or in uncovered vessels since a lot of the nutrients are lost in this process.

We can consume almost all types of Tea for health benefits. This diverse brew can help you lead a better and healthy life. Tea intake, however, can get addictive, due to the presence of nicotine and caffeine, but if you choose the right kind of tea and limit its intake per day you could stay clear of such addictions.

The ancient Chinese, the Far East Asians and Indian civilizations all have a history of consuming tea. Gradually this beverage spread to the rest of the world once people started recognizing its great benefits, variancetv. Today tea is a much-loved part of a fitness conscious diet; do not miss out on its benefits for your health and general wellbeing.

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