Tips on how to make the subject of Math’s interesting


The mere mention of the word math is expected to send down shivers as a student.  Even for CBSE math’s model for class 6 students, the practice seems to be the only way out. But still, there are a host of ways by which you can make the subject interesting and meaningful.

Workaround with concrete examples

Math’s models itself on the topic of subtraction. For centuries mathematics has worked around complex problems and tried to figure out a solution around that. Later they have gone on to generalize the process with the use of algebraic formulas. When students do not have any idea on what the original problems, how they can have an idea about the abstractions of the problems.

Rather than starting off with every topic with a formula, you have to start off with concrete examples of the problems. They were originally solved using the concept of Math. This does help the students as they have a fair understanding on how to solve the problem.

Another important point to consider is that students are known to spend a lot less time outdoors than earlier times. This means that they have less experience to draw upon when it comes to concepts like velocity, speed, distance time. Students do really find it hard to imagine when they do not have any basic idea about the concept. So as far as possible try to develop concrete experience in students.

Where possible you can take the help of computers

For many math courses it may seem to be all with calculations and not concepts. Therefore, it does not make sense to be spending hours and hours solving a difficult problem of algebra. You can use computers to analyses math’s worksheets for class 6 CBSE. Whenever possible ask the students to use the free tools as this is going to help them understand the subject in a better way.

Ownership along with creativity

The students of math feel less ownership of what is going on. The reason being they have less say in the nature of the topics. Once the same assignments are given to all, the same size fits approach does not work out well.

Numerous ways are there by which we can develop creativity in kids. Technology is one of the ways where you can take help of visual aids in order to make the subject interesting. Such type of individualized assessments helps them think about the bigger picture in mind. In fact, the feeling of ownership is likely to emerge and not the one size fit approach as it seems to be the case.

The math’s students have to be engaged

You have to involve your students in a lecture. This could be even in a 2 to 3-hour lecture but their participation is an absolute must. Once you are not able to encourage involvement from them the chances are high that they might switch off. During the course of a class ask the kids to indulge in meaningful activities.

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