Overview of dell boomi

Dell boomi platform is an on demand integration based on clouds in order to connect the various kinds of applications. It helps the customers to design the integration processes between the on cloud and the on premise applications and the data. It helps in monitoring of the on demand web based interface as per the customer’s demand. The lowest level of the architecture found in this platform is the atom. This is a single node run time engine and contains all the components that are necessary for the functioning of the processes. This is very light weight and can even be installed on a local machine.

When the atoms are brought together they are called molecules. This is a multiple node atom which is designed with the aim to perform various processes simultaneously. This can be deployed or implemented on the multiple servers so that load balancing and the critical processes can be implemented in an efficient manner. The data integration can be used for cloud to cloud application and from the on cloud to the on premise applications as well. This will help in data quality monitoring so that the tasks can be well performed. Even this can help in bulk pulling and loading the data on third party applications.

One can create the web services and even add some endpoints to the processes of the business. One can even report the analytics on web site based and hosted processes. Even document level inspection can be performed in order to achieve the goals. All the tasks related to the development are being taken place in the build in phase. Using these users can direct the interface and the flows of the process.

This can be grouped by type. Even this helps to connect and coordinate the processes which can be done using the canvas process. This also provides with the ability in order to check the run tests against the build of the processes. All the processes related to the deployment takes place in the deploy stage of the whole process. This is the control panel for all the processes and the web service components so that there can be solutions in the integration packages. One can even select the atoms and the components which can be used in order to achieve the purposes.

These will be used to host and identify the required versions of the components. This means to attach atoms to specific servers so that the tasks can be effectively performed. The reporting process occurs in server pages. These can be used to search for information and related documents and the logs. All the implementations which have been occurred can be shown on the screen here. This provides a quick summary of the recent activities along with various kinds of graphs. One can select the atoms on which the web based components are hosted and even one can identify the required versions of various components. The dell boomi services include development and deployment of all the components attached to the process.

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