Monero cloud mining money put to some noble cause

Millions of digital currency are forked out of bitcoin cloud mining daily. Although there are many good ways to donate or to raise money for NGOs, but using the digital currency would be one of the best attempts that have been tried to date which will bring a good reputation to bitcoin digital currency and serving the purpose of such a good cause. Monero money or any kind of other digital currencies are still looked down upon in many areas and by many people. These people can draw a gratifying image of digital money.

This benevolent cause has been initiated by UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). Hats off to UNICEF for such an optimistic view and finding such a tech-driven way of fulfilling a noble cause. This campaign is named “Hopepage campaign” originated by UNICEF Australia. This campaign was launched on 29th April 2018 but still needs a lot more promotion and proclamation. This website is running successfully with 31,200 people already donating successfully to date.

How it works

So when you will open the home page of the Hopepage campaign, the web browser will automatically use your system’s processor to solve cryptocurrency algorithms. This all starts by just pressing on the “Start Donating” tab. But it will not start using your power at the very click it will first show a pop up which states “ would like to use your computing power” and once you assure it then it will start using the power. The decision of how much processor power you want to donate will depend on you. Therefore, the longer you stay on the page, the more processor power you donate and henceforth more algorithms get solved and will in return earn more cryptocurrency. Also, you need not worry about power consumption. Whenever you feel like that your power is being consumed at a very high level you can instantly turn down the processing power you are donating.

The cryptocurrencies generated in this way will be directly donated to UNICEF Australia and is very quickly converted into real funds. The programming inbuilt with the mining uses Monero as its cryptocurrency which is a better alternative to bitcoin in terms of privacy and hence does not reveals any information related to the donator. In contrast to bitcoin, Monero cannot be used to buy any kind of asset directly but can be easily converted into a fiat asset which will be further used to buy lifesaving replenishments like food, water, clothes, etc.

The amount of processing power is selected in the form of percentage and can be very easily adjusted as per your intention.

The hash rate or the hash count will be continuously displayed at the top right corner. The process is so transparent that there is not the slightest possibility of deceit.

The legitimate cause behind this noble cause

The plight of thousands of Rohingya people is said to be the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. Nearly 700,000 have fled the destruction of their homes in the northern Rakhine province

of Myanmar or have faced the calamity of one of any kind. The statistics say that around 300,000 children amongst them are homeless and roaming without shelter. UNICEF searched for every possible way to help them in rescuing this grave situation. But as the conditions were so worse that it was not coming under control by all means. Then they found a resort to fund cryptocurrency. Although this was not the first time, UNICEF came up with such a good idea. They have put cryptocurrency into a good cause before also at the time of the Syrian crisis. A charity campaign under the name of “” was found back in February 2018. Many children were fighting for food, shelter, etc. in Syria. The idea behind it was to ask the PC gamers to mine ethereum another very high potential cryptocurrency that would be further converted into funds for the Syrian children.

The idea behind i.e. using digital money which is present in abundance for such a noble cause is award-winning. Crypto mining for charity could save the world and improve the lives of children across the globe. The donation that would cost in terms of power will turn up more people to donate and will serve the cause more profitably. The main steal point is that such reputable organizations like UNICEF are coming up with these campaigns and are probably the real deal.

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