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If you own a business and have different computers, you need to use QuickBooks Pro, we will help you do so. We think it is a headache for various users to put in accounting packages on all PCs. As such, we want to dedicate this weblog to every World Health Organization who wants to understand how to set up QuickBooks desktop for many users.

When you are using only 2 gadgets, you can transfer QuickBooks single-user mode to the computer and digital computer. The primary step required to Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro is to shop for an attached license once. In case of any investigation, you will be able to consult the experts in Account Care.

Draw pictures on how to install QuickBooks Pro for multiple users

In total, you will be able to use 5 user licenses for QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier Form, each of them providing only one license. So, you want to use QuickBooks Enterprise Edition which allows 15+ user licenses and includes 10 user licenses. QuickBooks multi-user mode allows 5+ users to use.

In this method, if the need arises to move QuickBooks to multiple users, you will be able to select one of them with your requirement.

Here are the small steps of the installation method that will make your work easier:

Step 1 – Insert the installation CD in your system. This opens the QuickBooks pro installer automatically. If the installer is not open, you want to right-tap the Windows Start menu and choose the ‘Explorer’ button, and search for the installer CD in the list of ‘folders’. Choose the ‘Setup.exe’ file to start the method.

If you have downloaded the QB accounting app from your official webpage, double-tap the document to begin the installation process. Click the ‘Next’ button just below the rock to induce the license agreement.

Step 2 – Currently because the Installer’s License Agreement page opens, I accept that I accept the terms of the license and allow the checkbox and currently clicking on the ‘Next’ button to locate the ‘Installation Pick Installation Type’ section.

Step 3 – You will be forced to select ‘Express’ to get the concept from the current QuickBooks installation pickle. Choose the ‘Custom and Network Options’ section to share the QuickBooks on the system.

Step 4 – Go ahead and click ‘Next’ to locate the License and Consignment Number section. Search for goods and license numbers. As you are hunting the CD, you can see the number of yellow stickers on the CD. If you are downloading the package from the official web site, you will get these numbers on your email.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Next’ option to find the square measure of the click custom and network option, if you have already selected within the previous activity. Choose accessible information experts and the right radio prospect.

Step 6 – There is a need to use the ‘update change/update installation location’ to sound the next ‘catch’. Choose the radio button next to ‘Change Location, Browse Snap’ and choose the location of your selection. Then hit ‘Next’ option to find ready to install space.

Step 7 – Just once the Ready to Install page opens, you need to check the settings for accuracy. Start putting in the package. Snap the install button.

Congratulations! In the section, it appears that you want to click on the checkbox that says to help start the US state so open ‘QuickBooks Pro’. Finally, click the send button and exit the wizard.

QuickBooks Pro License

A QuickBooks Pro license on Intuit’s web site. While you will be able to purchase QuickBooks’ professional license elsewhere, you will normally run promotions when you get this price discount.

A QuickBooks Pro license is sweetened for 3 years, once it drops support for savvy merchants. You will be able to use the package even after 3 years of square measure, however, if you have any complaints or problems, they will be able to help you. This license supports one user and is installed locally. You will be able to install stuff on 3 computers; But, it creates 3 different company files, thus your company file information will not sync from PC to another PC.

Here are measures some options that keep company with QuickBooks Pro:

  • Project Management
  • Time chase
  • Report
  • Collectible accounts
  • Inventory
  • Journal entries
  • Account Details
  • Invoices and estimates
  • Contact management
  • Chase expenses
  • Budget
  • Tax support


In this weblog, we have described how to install QuickBooks Pro for multiple Computers. These steps will be used for every system where you want to use the accounting package. It is unacceptable to have it on a shared system and to use QuickBooks on a completely separate PC.

To find out how to add users to your accounting tool, you will use the help possibility offered on the package. As such, we hope that our weblog “How to put multiple users in QuickBooks Pro” can help you. If you have received a question related to this, you will be able to leave a comment.

To familiarize yourself with the regular direction to put on each system in QuickBooks programming, you will have account care experts to help you make decisions and facilitate and help.

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