How to Track Windows PC activities with TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring software?


Digital computer machines have become everyone’s needs these days. So, people love to have at least a windows computer laptop or desktop device at home at offices. Even business organizations and government organizations use the windows devices to store plenty of data and to perform computing activities regularly. However, the young school and college, university going young students love to have windows laptops for education and entertainment.

On the other side, technology in terms of computing devices has raised plenty of questions for the business community, for parents and the people in a relationship. Parents become curious when children spend too much time on PC and parents want to know all activities perform on the target windows desktop device.

The reasons are behind want to take kid’s digital devices under surveillance to protect kids from bullying online, stalkers, and adult browsing activities. When it comes to the business community they are insecure regarding the business intellectual property especially stored on the company’s owned devices provide to employees. So, they want to track employee’s activities on windows Computer.

Install TheOneSpy windows tracking app on target PC

Are you willing to spy on someone’s windows laptop and desktops? Simply you need to connect your computer machine with the internet. Moreover, go to the windows browser and visit the official webpage of the computer monitoring software. Once you have the access to the webpage then you need to perform the following mentioned steps to get the job done.

Step1: Subscribe for TheOneSpy windows tracking software

Now subscribe for a computer tracking app and you will instantly get credentials through an email sent to you at your email address.

Step2: Get Physical access on target PC

The second step is to get physical access on the target PC that you supposed to take under constant surveillance. Start the process of installation and when you have successfully ended up with it then you need to activate it in the targeted device.

However, you can hide the icon of the windows surveillance software on the target device, you just to take the assistance of pop –up message that appears on the screen when you just make your mind to end up with the activation process. It will help you out to perform a secret surveillance app for windows on the target PC.

Step3: Use Login Credentials & get access to a web portal

Now use the login ID and password and further get access to the online control panel where you can further get your hands on the high tech tracking tools for windows device. it will help you out to know what sort of activities or data being stored on the device. Let’s get to know about the tools in the following.

Use TheOneSpy Windows spy software features to know activities on target PC

Windows Browsing History

You can easily get access to the target windows Computer browser and get to know about all the browsing activities happen on the target PC. You can come to know what sort of websites target the user has performed and bookmarks with a complete time stamp. Parents can set parental control to know kids’ activities to make sure their safety online and employers can prevent the time-wasting activities of their employees within the working hours at the workplace.

Surround Recording

Now you can control windows laptop device MIC and further record and listen to the surround conversations, voices, chats. This will let you know what your kids are doing in the surrounds of the device and employers can get to know what employees are talking in their absence.

Live screen recording

End-user performs live screen recording on windows laptop and desktop device using live screen recording app for Windows PCs. It empowers you to make short back to back videos of the screen when you want and deliver the recorded videos to the web portal. You can see the live recorded videos visiting the online dashboard.

Block Websites

Block websites that you being parents think inappropriate for your children whenever you need to by using websites blocking on windows. You just need to use the URLs and copy it and further past it to the filters, then no one will get access to the block websites.


TheOneSpy Windows monitoring software is the best tool for parents and employers to track windows activities of children and employees. It certainly the best high tech tool for digital parenting and employee monitoring.

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