How to Care For Diamond Rings


Diamond jewelry is full of life and sparkle, the very reason why they are so irresistible to women from across the globe. No matter what form of jewelry they come in, diamonds are always welcome. But beautiful as they are, the dazzling diamonds also demand care and pampering in order to retain their shimmering appeal for years.

Though diamonds are the hardest material and are durable stones they still need to be properly cared for. Diamond rings 結婚戒指 especially require proper handling and care especially if you choose to wear your ring throughout the year for each of the 365 days.

One basic thing to do is to be cautious about your precious ring and see that you do not damage it in course of your daily chores. Wear gloves while doing household work or better still slip your ring off your finger during the course of the work and put it on only once you’re done. By doing this you can avoid damaging and causing harm to your ring.

Another thing you must not do is never wear your rings on close fingers where there is a tendency of the rings rubbing against each other. In case you’re wearing a gemstone ring in the finger right next to your diamond ring, there will be a tendency of both the stones to brush against each other and since diamond is invariably the harder of the two stones, you will end up with scratches on your gemstone ring besides the metal of the two rings will also eventually get damaged by the constant abrasion. So it is best to space your rings on your fingers.

Wearing your diamond ring everyday is bound to attract dirt, oil and dead skin to accumulate on the crevices of the ring which in due course of time will give a dull appearance to your diamond ring. It would be a good idea to soak your diamond ring in warm water with a mild detergent and later run a soft brush lightly over it to bring back the luster. Make sure you do not use very harsh cleansing agents as they may damage your diamond ring.

Since your diamond ring means so much to you that you don’t wish to part with it for even a single day of the year it would make sense to take it to a professional jeweler occasionally for a thorough cleaning.

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