A BPO or a business process outsourcing job is the process of performing a process or a part of a process of another business organization. Outsourcing is performed to save on the costs and to realize a gain in productivity. A BPO center or a call center exactly performs this function, and is part of a client’s business that involves handling the telephone calls.

There are different types of call centers in our country, some of them for example might handle customer complaints about telephone, some of them handle queries of consumers through written mail and others do both. Some of the organizations such as medical transcription agencies handle consumers through their websites and process the telephone calls on behalf of the clients.

With the boom of the IT and ITES industry in India, the country is witnessing tremendous growth in BPO jobs with attractive pay packages. Students just out of college are able to witness some of the highly paid call center jobs. The only asset that is required for someone to get this job is strong command over written and verbal English communication skills, strong analytical skills and some basic soft skills.

Candidates who have even completed basic arts and science degrees are able to procure five-digit salary by landing in a BPO job. Even professionals who complete engineering degrees and end up in core jobs are not able to match the salary with that of call center executives.

BPO jobs in India:

Generally, the business process outsourcing units in India are of two types, domestic and international. Domestic centers cater to the needs of businesses in the country whereas international centers work for other countries out of India, generally the US and the UK. Such professionals have to work out of office hours such as in the nights or in the late evening to cater to the work demands of their clients. BPO professionals who work with international call centers get paid well compared with domestic call centers.

Apart from working as executives in a call center, people also get to work as trainers training fellow workers. Some language experts also get to work as English language trainers enhancing the language proficiency of the executives. The world of call center is vast, one can easily find a BPO call center job that matches their proficiency, expertise and skill sets in some of the leading ITES companies of India.

Scope of call center jobs:

Choosing a career with a BPO is the ideal choice of students who prefer challenges on the work front. The job prospects of a BPO are pretty high in a number of countries such as the UIS and the UK, who prefer to outsource their jobs to countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. The salary of fresh BPO employees in India ranges between Rs. 7k and Rs.20K.


Check for job sites over the internet and find suitable jobs for executives. There are ample jobs available for both fresher and experienced people in BPOs. There are positions available in content management, research and analytics, content management, legal services, data analytics, training and consultancy etc.

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