Guide To Street Photography For Beginners


Street photography is one of the most demanding, but one of the most rewarding photography types at the same time. Documenting individuals in their everyday setting is not simple–to be able to approach and photograph strangers needs patience, hard work and sometimes even some courage. In this article, we’re going to take a close look at what street photography is, how it varies from other photography types, and give some helpful tips to get you started.

Street photography is the most challenging and satisfying type. New Delhi Street photography requires patience, persistence, and timing. Comparing to the other types, you need to respond quickly and intuitively as you’d shoot sports. You have to master storytelling just like travel photography. And also, as in landscape photography, you must be able to compose a convincing shot carefully and creatively that draws in your viewer.

What Makes a Good Street Photograph?

So far, mediocre and subpar street photography is flooding social media. Just pointing your lens in a person’s direction on the street is not a street photograph. As in all photography, it will create or break your photograph as you compose your picture.

A good street picture requires a topic that is obviously defined. All composition rules, such as third-party rule, leading lines, use of negative space, symmetry, frames, etc., remain in place. Try to convey a story with your photograph. These are the indications of excellent street photography.

Is All Street Photography Candid?

Again, the sticklers out there are going to say “yes,” to shoot street photography candidly. While some people say road portraits are a different kind of photography, but all of them come under the umbrella of street photography.

You need to interact with your subject in a street portrait. Interacting with a stranger can be a starting point for fear in those. This way, though, you can encounter some intriguing individuals and get rid of your fear.

Another form of non-candid street photography happens when you make eye contact with your subject. Purists are going to say that eye contact removes the moment’s spontaneity and thus alters the scene. Make it a rule that eye contact should never be initiated by hovering over a subject. However, don’t ignore the shot if your subject notices you and looks up as you click the shutter. Often these occasional encounters add humour to the picture. And often eye contact makes a picture more intimate.

Respect and Smile

In street photography, respect goes a long way. If somebody doesn’t want to take their image, apologize and discover another topic. The roads are full of interesting individuals, and in the near future another will surely come along.

Smile works wonders. If someone notices you after capturing a picture of them, smile and nod a thank you. Your subject will most probably smile back,and that creates a vibe and builds confidence.


Thus, taking all the above points into consideration, you can add click some superb photographs and add them to your collection while your Delhi Street Photography Tour. Every new day demands something different and clicking a unique photograph is an achievement in itself!

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