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For society the mediums of transportations hold a great significance. In the developing countries like India the railway is known as a major player when it comes to considering the medium of mass transportations. The shunting operations in railway hold much importance in its routine operation. There are ample of trains that run on the network of the railway as it is spread across the nation. The shunting is the main part for any train and hence it needs to be perfect. For this only there are specifically deployed people who handle the operation of shunting in various trains.

For this process one can also find a specific location which is called shunting yard railway where the shunting of the train takes place. After completion of the process only the train is allowed to leave the location of shunting yard. It is due to shunting only that various compartments are attached to the engine as well as each other. In case of wrongful shunting there are chances of accident as well as removal of the coach from the main train.

What is shunting?

Shunting is basically the process of attaching a coach to engine or a coach to the next coach. Hence it can create a chain and accordingly every coach can pull the coach attached next to it. For the effective shunting there is also shunting yard railway is an area where such shunting and repairs take place. It is observed by a senior authority as shunting is considered as one of the main tasks where no error needs to take place. In the department there are also specialists for shunting at various stations.

The stations where the loco sheds are formed there are special shunting teams which are working round the clock. They are the people who hold expertise in the shunting process. For the new joinees, the process of training also happens in such sheds when it comes to shunting. Due to the shunting only any train whether it is a passenger or train or goods train can move rightly. The trains move on the principle of pulling coach to coach where the shunting is the main part of the process. A poor shunting can also lead to accident or removal of the coach while being in transit.

How does shunting affect the movement of train?

As discussed earlier the movement of the train is on the principle of pulling. The shunting is the main process that can help the train move smoothly. The shunting is also a specialty process and any one is not allowed to carry out this process. From the department also there are teams at various locations that has only one task to do and that is shunting. In a nutshell one can say that without shunting the train or department cannot move at all. There is also no modern technology of shunting at till date it is done manually only by the designated experts for different trains.

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