How to create a WooCommerce Multi Vendor shop on WordPress


What is a multi-vendor shop? It can be a store that has multiple vendors. As an example, the well-liked Amazon or eBay Square measures specific multi-vendor stores. And nowadays I will make a case for some ways in which to create a multi-vendor search on WordPress and Rehab themes.

First of all, install the Woocommerce Multi Vendor Plugin. Please, browse our section for WooCommerce within the documentation. The second plugin you may like may be a merchant plugin.

Which Vendor plugin do you want to use?

Currently, we support the resulting plugins: WCLF, WCLovers, WC Vendor, Dokan or from the WC Marketplace. All plugins measure the class sensible and supported by the theme. They are all blessings and negatives.


A better style, shop list, frontend type is also included within the free version of the Dokan plugin. Apart from this, it has many cool, well-designed addons, such as booking addon, geo addon, invoice, etc., although it is a high priced plugin. The free version is extremely restricted.


If you want to do the most work, then WCFM is the best. Even the free version has additional functions compared to the professional versions of alternative plugins. WCFM includes a stack of specific addons and is compatible with most favorite WooCommerce plugins. As an example, you will be able to produce a membership web site with specific vouchers, hotel sites, tour sites, locations where vendors sell bundles, parts, such as laptop service or rental services.

If you like specific things – use WCFM, it’s everything you’d ever imagine and is extremely customizable. Commercial Edition (Ultimate WCFM) is the least expensive among commercial plugins. All addons are an all-time low. The downside of some aspects – the style and UI are placed within the plugin in comparison with Docan. As an example, tables and membership pages are very different from your theme plan.

While there is great news, we do a lot about planning the store page, subscription page, worth of tables and plugins and alternative things to clean it up again and create a suitable web site style on Rehob. Also, all initial default designs are auto-populated by the theme’s color options, yet you will be able to edit them if you want to create custom color settings.

WC Marketplace

I believe this is the average thing between WCFM and Dokan. It is cheaper than Dokan and has many additions also. My favorite member is membership. If you do not need to pay in Dokan and you would not like functions like WCFM and large amounts of Addons, then use the WC marketplace. I am straightforward to know how to use and use this plugin. It does not have a lot of settings, therefore, it is intended for Admins and vendors to line up to use it. The free version of the plugin in the WC market additionally has the option of pointing multiple vendors at a product.

WC Vendor

One of the primary merchant plugins on WordPress. They do not develop such quick plugins as their rivals, and not such a large amount of addons and the most effective price. However, it has its sensible side. This is the simplest style with minimal. Following such a trend it will be useful for you and you do not need to overwhelm users with many panels and settings.

Would you like a professional version of plugins or free? Plugins have a completely useful free version of plugins that is square measure by theme. So, check out the free version 1. Then, decide if you would like a professional. Perhaps paying some cash on plugins’ additions would be more.

Both Woocommerce and Merchantizer plugins have sensible documentation and setup guide. Please, check the documentation of the Merchantizer plugins for the initial setup, then, return to the current article and browse for additional secrets and enhancements that you will be able to find on-the-spot with our topic.

Revendor theme

For the high support of WooCommerce and Merchantizer plugins, I created the Revander Kid theme.

Contact seller, friendly relations and community work

The theme of Rehab includes a good combination of several plugins to urge the most effective results. So, if you want to increase your search and add some community functions – install the BuddyPress plugin also. Once activated, perhaps you should disable some of BP’s common modules: Activity and cluster. BPs can add associates to nursing options to send personalized messages and friendly relationship requests + add a different profile of merchants to the web site.

We value good integration between Buddypress and vendor plugins. As an example, you will be able to show the seller’s merchandise on the profile page and can make special contact with the user on the shop page. We have given another article about community works on the spot, all community functions may additionally work for merchants’ stores.

Reputation score

Also want to add feature – install MyCred which is additionally supported by Theme + Theme, can show name points, badges and levels in the profile page, dropdown menu, etc., you can do product posting, wishlist adding, Will be able to provide, etc. Points for Polls, comments, and optional items. You will be able to offer bonuses to your user and can hide some components of the location for users, which do not reach a specific amount.

Email settings

After the installation of plugins, it is more to check your email settings. Usually, you will not be able to create the most effective labels and email headers. Go to WooCommerce – Settings – Email and check all areas of your email.

Vendor Subscription Packs and Advanced Capabilities

If you aim to create separate membership levels for multi-vendor sites – we currently advocate abused membership addons and the WC Marketplace Plugin (not included in the addon theme) or the WCFM plugin. The WCFM plugin subscription options are in their free membership add-ons, however, it does not have the option to choose different capabilities, therefore, you need to add their clusters and workers. I’m unsure which plugin is the best. I believe the WC marketplace is the best if you only want one membership.

However, if you are the owner of a highly customizable web site, WCFM is the best, consequently allowing for the convenience of custom fields in product submission methods, followed by the business only and no additional articles. One of the best things about the WCFM plugin is that it supports the ACF plugin, which is the best multi vendor plugin for custom forms. Therefore, if you want conditional fields in product posting forms, extended pages, use WCFM.

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