Best Places to Visit on a Vietnam Family Trip


A trip to Vietnam with your family will be fun indeed. With its ancient culture and heritage, diverse landscapes, Vietnam is a place that attracts people from all age groups. Vietnam has already become the solo backpacker’s favorite, also, there are places for wholesome family fun in this country. Scroll more and discover the top 5 places in Vietnam where your entire family can enjoy.

Hoi An

Whatever your age, you are going to love this heritage town for sure. The city is picturesque in the time of summer with all those bright bougainvillea flowers around. Alongside, the lantern-adorned yellow buildings are enough to ooze charm in your kids’ faces. You can call this a sleepy city with not many party scenes. You can enjoy boat rides, take your children for cooking classes, or go out to see lantern-making. If you are from an outdoorsy family then, you have an option to cycle through the rice fields, even a kayak trip down the river can be fun.


Danang is one of Vietnam’s major cities, but it never makes you feel the city’s hustle-bustle. Danang is less overwhelming and much calmer than Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi city of Vietnam. While pristine beaches have all of it to be the best for family relaxation, the Son Tra mountain also comes with superb scenic beauty and offers outstanding views of the whole city. Also, two theme parks, the famous Asia Park- the home of the Sun Wheel and the Ba Na Hills commonly known as ‘Vietnamese Disneyland’ are a definite must-visit on your Vietnam family packages.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has a universal appeal because of its fine white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. The island is a hub of many luxurious resorts making it a must-visit on your Vietnam honeymoon. There are island tours that offer fishing and snorkeling. The Vinpearl Land stands as a must-visit for your kids. The park has Vietnam’s largest zoo and a plethora of adventure water rides.

Halong Bay

You will never want to miss the magnificent limestone bay on a Vietnam trip. Exploring the utterly beautiful bay with your closed ones can create some great family moments. You will get plenty of family-friendly cruises there, that offer different activities such as kayaking or cooking classes, even a spot of the karaoke your little one can enjoy.

Nha Trang

If you ask a Vietnamese for a recommendation, they are very likely to recommend the Nha Trang. There are plenty of beach resorts to book your stay and laze for a whole day on the white-sand shores. You can even take a tour on a boat and hop around the little tropical islands. It also has several theme parks. The old Vinpearl Land is a great place, or in case you want to have some unique experience a visit to the 100 Egg spa theme park can make a day to remember for life.

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