A Complete Guide to Brain Tumour Treatment in India



The last two decades have seen enormous advances in brain tumour research and surgical options that the life expectancy of patients with brain tumours. Brain Tumour Surgery in India has also grown by leaps and bounds. It has led to a massive influx of patients from other countries travelling to India for their surgical treatment. Due to substantial local and international demand for neurosurgical procedures in the major metropolitan cities of India such as New Delhi and Mumbai, India has some of the most experienced neurosurgeons in the field. Combined with state of the art surgical facilities and equipment, the standard of care and treatment outcomes are also as per the West. 

More About Brain Tumour Treatment in India

With modern diagnostic techniques and equipment, the diagnosis of brain tumours has become extremely accurate, quick and efficient. The earlier the tumour is detected, the better is the outcome. Some of the early signs and symptoms that may point to someone potentially having brain Tumour include:

  • Frequent, unexplained headaches 
  • Unexplained sleepiness
  • Sudden speech difficulties 
  • Losing one’s balance suddenly
  • Loss of sensation in extremities 
  • Unexpected vision problems 
  • Jerking or twitching of muscles 
  • Un-explained hearing loss

Brain Tumour surgery is done by a neurosurgeon trained in operations of the brain and spinal column. The surgery involves removal of a part of the patient’s skull; through a procedure known as craniotomy, and closure of the skull using the patient’s own bone. Surgery is usually preferred over radiotherapy as the entire brain Tumour surgery is completed in a single hospital visit, which also makes it more economical then non-surgical options. 

Sometimes the location of the Tumour makes it impossible to operable, and in these cases other non-surgical treatments exist including: 

  • Conventional Radiotherapy 
  • 3D-CRT
  • Proton Therapy 
  • Stereotactic Radio-surgery
  • Fractionated Stereotactic Radio-surgery
  • Systemic Chemotherapy
  • Localised Chemotherapy
  • Alternating Electric Field Therapy

In short, there is no single best approach to treat each patient and the neurosurgeon, along with the medical diagnostic team, will decide which treatment option will lead to the best outcome for the Brain Tumour patient. 

Brain Tumour surgery cost in India is 1/5th or less compared to western countries such as the US Canada. The exact values of surgery are determined by several factors including the grade of the Tumour and the extent of spread and location of the Tumour within the cranium. 

Because treatment regimens for individual patients is unique, costs of treatment also vary widely, however on average, the overall costs of brain Tumour surgery in India vary from $5,000 – $10,000 compared to $50,000 – $750,000 across all other countries making India one of the hot-spots for medical tourism for brain Tumour operations. 

Final Words:

Within India, there are about 15 top-rated neurosurgical centres all situated within major metropolitan cities. The costs difference between major surgical centres and cities also varies with costs being the lowest in New Delhi and Highest in Goa, but the difference is almost negligible. 

With medical tourism to India at its peak and the quality and standard of care at par with the west, India poised to be the number one spot for medical tourism in the world. 


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