4 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Paper Stock for Your Booklet


When you are looking for a versatile printed tool to market your brand, there can be hardly any alternative as good as a booklet. It is a value-added tool that can promote your business by sharing relevant information with the customers. If you are planning to offer them something more rather than just your contact details and an attractive tag line, then getting booklets printed for your brand can be a good option.

Now, when you are hiring a company for booklet printingAffordable Printing Services, it is necessary that you think of considering the factors that will be necessary for choosing the paper stock for it. Now, when you are going to any reputed company that offers high quality printing services, they will offer you various options for the paper to be used in booklets. What factors are we talking about? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Type of the Booklet
Consider the type of booklet you are getting printed. There are various types of booklets that any company of affordable printing services will offer. That includes saddle stitched, coil bound or perfect bound booklets. For saddle stitched, the papers are folded in the middle and stapled in the middle. Coil bound booklets are the ones that have holes punched and bound by the plastic coil. And perfect bound booklets are the ones that havea spine and the pages pasted in that. So, when you are thinking of hiring booklet printing services make sure that you are considering which type of booklet you are ordering. For saddle stitch, look for thin paper while perfect bound and coil bound booklets are good for thick papers.

Number of Pages
When you are thinking of getting booklets printed from affordable printing services, it is necessary that you think of the number of pages. It seriously affects the design and the look of the booklet. For booklets with limited pages, you can go for thick paper stock. And if you are going for the ones that have numerous pages, get the thin papers for the pages.

Cover Stock and Text Weight
When you are going for a booklet, you will have to select two paper stocks. One is necessary for the cover and the other will be for text. Now, when you are going for the cover stock, it is necessary that you get the thicker one with a glossy coat so that it can make the booklet look gorgeous and adds up to your brand value. But when you are choosing the stock for inner pages of the booklets, the pages should be thinner than the cover stock.

Gloss Coat and Texture
When you are trying to create a brand image with the help of booklet printing, it is necessary that you also think of making the cover attractive. For that, glossy finish with attractive graphics or image is necessary. For such a design, it is necessary that you go for 80-100lb papers. When you are choosing the inner page, think of the finish. If you are choosing textured pages, go for thicker stock. For gloss coated, choose thinner ones.

So, now as you know about these factors for getting the right paper stock for booklet printing services, what are you waiting for? Hire a company for high quality printing services and place your order.

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